Waste of money
Friday, November 19, 2010 - 1:54 pm

Last week I ventured to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Canton. I am impressed with the social services building—it seemed to house many wonderful programs and it was certainly bustling with activity while I was there. However, I am shocked that in this economy where the county is complaining that they do not have enough money, I found waiting for me at the entrance to the DMV two security guards. Both had their noses stuffed in paperback novels and looked annoyed that they actually had to scan my stuff before I could enter. After putting my cell phone keys, etc. in the container I was “buzzed” through. When I finished my chores in the DMV I walked back in to the lobby and lo and behold the security guards were again hard at work, one was working on a crossword puzzle and the other still had his nose in his book. I understand that these security guards are not county employees, that they are contracted through Securitas, but at what cost to the county? Aren’t there enough sheriffs, corrections officers, etc. that are already on the county payroll that we could utilize these individuals at the human services building? Do we really need two security guards reading books and scanning keys? It seems to me that this would be a prime location where the county could save some much-needed revenue.