Was justice served?
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 2:07 pm

I thought a district attorney was supposed to serve the interested of the public and justice. Recently, St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s office offered to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor to someone accused of rape, burglary, and assault. I am left wondering whether justice was served? After the plea deal was reached and it was publicized in the newspaper, the District Attorney Nicole Duve, released a statement blaming the victim for the plea deal. In the statement, it was revealed the plea was offered because the victim refused to cooperate. Aren’t victims of sexual crimes often reluctant to come forward in fear of retaliation or shame? Wasn’t the perpetrator also charged with burglary? I don’t believe the victim would have been necessary for that charge. It seems Ms. Duve is a very adept politician (she always blames others for her office’s failures), but she and her office are not very good at prosecuting cases. I, for one, am fed up with Ms. Duve and her myriad of excuses for failing to prosecute.