War against education
Monday, March 19, 2012 - 11:53 am

“Take Education Seriously” (Sound Off, Feb. 29-March 6) -- I’m horrified at the defective logic that leads anyone to conflate the draconian and highly destructive budget cuts in education with the laudable efforts of Principle Jenne, to be approachable and engaging to our elementary school students. The war against education that is being waged by Big Business and their political foot soldiers in the Republican AND the Democratic parties will continue to undermine America’s future and competitiveness. This war is being fueled by the same damaging and self-destructive forces that have bankrupted America since the early 1980s. Right-wing ideologues of the ilk of Ronald Reagan have really started this war against education by de-funding our public institutions in the interests of predatory gangster capitalism. THEY are the ones who not only profoundly disrespect education but by doing so wage a war on our future.