Visit local libraries, find hidden treasures
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 7:07 am

My laptop stopped working, forcing me to find another venue for getting things done, thereby going to the Hopkinton Public Library. They had the software up to date and I needed a program that isn’t used often. The women who were there were very helpful and courteous. They allowed the ones who had work to do to get it done and made sure everyone got what they came to the library for. They have a small assortment of books but are always taking new additions and take very good care of the books they have. If you have a few minutes, visit your local library. I realize in this technological day and age that books are being read on tablets and readers, but there is really nothing better than being surrounded by all of the knowledge and adventure one small library has to offer and having the privilege of reading any, or all, of the books. Please support your local library and take advantage of all it has to offer!