Village police a waste of taxpayer money?
Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 1:38 pm

I question whether the villages of Canton and Potsdam need to continue to waste funds on their police forces. Over the last decade I do not recall either force solving any major crimes, including several bank robberies and most recently, a murder. Last night I watched as a driver in front of a Potsdam patrol car changed lanes without signaling, while another car, obviously speeding in a 30 mph zone flew up behind the patrol car. What did the police do? Nothing; just continued on their way. Except for the occasional public drunk, pot smoker and other non-violent crime (DWI excepted), what do they do? Now I hear the new chief in Canton is upset because he will receive a $75,000 per year salary and will lose his $13,000 of annual overtime. Wow! Save your money Potsdam and Canton. We can depend on the SLC Sheriff and the NYS Police when needed.