Upset with vandalism, police response in Potsdam
Monday, May 14, 2012 - 12:15 pm

Recently a friend of mine reached out to friends and family for emotional support when he found his car in the parking lot across from the Roxy Theatre with anti-gay slander written on it. I was very disappointed that this would happen in the Potsdam community.

When I inquired for more information, they shared that this happened to at least 4 different cars. I was doubly disappointed to hear that the Potsdam police disregarded the incidences, claiming it was not vandalism because it washed off. Since the police don’t find this a problem, I am informing the public in hopes that our eyes are open to problems like this.

These actions are a bad representation of a cultured community. It saddens me that a person who has brought culture here is being left with a bad taste in their mouth.