Universal health care and balancing budgets
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 7:40 am

Given police, county, state workers, teachers and administrators have pensions and health insurance (not health care), many of my fellow citizens do not. The majority of people who do not have health insurance or pensions are supporting this broken and poorly designed system. We need universal health care without the insurance companies sucking the blood out of us. Health Insurance family plans cost $24,000 per year for police and other public workers. This coverage does not stop medically related bankruptcy and foreclosure. Unfunded pensions are bankrupting cities and counties across America. These costs rise much faster than the rate of inflation and cutting budgets cannot solve Health Insurance and Pension costs that grow over 5-10% a year, every year. You cannot cut budgets fast enough to cover these escalating costs. The private sector is eliminating or reducing these costs so why is the public sector, with our tax dollars, still supporting, not discussing the “elephant” in the room.