Unions are needed
Friday, December 3, 2010 - 12:22 pm

I am dismayed by the uninformed and thoughtless attacks on Price Chopper workers who want to unionize. Just look around the North Country and ask yourself why we have such low average incomes here. There is an intrinsic connection between lack of unions and Third World-type poverty wages. People will always be unable to afford anything as long as incomes remain so low. And incomes will not go up due to the goodness of corporate management and rising profitability -- but because of co-ordinated efforts on the part of employees who pool their resources together into a union. Just take a look at still highly unionized countries, such as Germany and France. There you will find food of much higher quality than in the U.S. and for generally lower prices -- with workers who on average make significantly more money than here. In this last year of hardship, corporations like banks have raked in record profits -- this does not trickle down to their workers however. If you don’t take your working conditions and rights into your own hands, don’t expect others -- like your bosses -- to do if for you! It is hopelessly naive to assume that individual workers on their own can always effectively challenge the power of their bosses. Unions are not perfect (if you don’t like your union, get involved, at least you are not alone!) but just look at places where there are no unions. Can’t we do better than that?