Turbine threat
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 10:30 am

In response to “Leaseholder Beware” which appeared in the May 17-23 issue of North Country This Week: I have read and re-read your message and it sounds like a threat to lease holders. I hope this was not your intent. Your letter, with the hostile intent toward leaseholders, shows the hatred and jealously that landowners have been claiming. In my naivety I didn't realize the North Country had sunk this low and had hoped it would remain untouched for my grandchildren. As I am finding out, there are a lot of people that think civil disobedience, whining, even terror tactics has become the norm to force people to submit to their demands. Maybe if you offered to pay leaseholders the money they would gain from the lease to give the property owners another option? But also pay the money the community will gain? If you are unwilling to pony up, then maybe your threats should be kept inside your house instead of spreading your hatred into the community? I'm not a landowner nor do I have the option to be a leaseholder. Thank you for pushing me off the fence in support of the wind turbines.