Trash your leases
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 7:52 am

Wow! The multi-national industrial wind turbine company Avangrid that is trying to subvert the will of the majority of residents in Parishville and Hopkinton by forcing us to host their taxpayer money grabbing swindle of a project are so worried about the vibrant grass roots opposition that they are now fabricating their own pro-wind citizens group and taking out full page ads on behalf of the supposedly “green energy” lovers of our previously peaceful towns. Another Avangrid scam no doubt! The only people in our towns that want the wind turbines are the people who have signed leases and are frothing at the mouth for a yearly payout from the wind company. Those are the green energy lovers who are taking out full-page ads surely designed and paid for by the wind company! The rest of us just want what we already pastures without 500-foot eyesores that make people ill, reduce property values, mess up ground water, kill birds and bats and compromise our towns’ future potential. Lease holders: you are being used and scammed in the worst way. Wake up and trash your leases!