Tobacco message
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 6:55 am

We need to discourage smoking, but the ad campaign by Tobacco Free, while well intended, will only make smokers and potential smokers tune out the flawed message. The ad states “No doctor would ever prescribe tobacco…so why do pharmacies sell it?” Well, no doctor would ever prescribe beer… so why do pharmacies sell it? Or, substitute “candy,” or “chips,” or “wine coolers” or dozens of other items these stores sell, that doctors would never prescribe. While it might seem to make sense at first, this emotional logic is fatally flawed. It is disingenuous, will turn off its intended audience and will have no effect. It doesn’t make sense. Also, stores sell tobacco, not “pharmacies.” You don’t go to the prescription counter to buy tobacco. Yes, they have pharmacies in the store, but so do Walmart and Price Chopper, and they are not pharmacies. The message needs to be compelling.