Tired of loud motorcycles in summer months
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 10:26 am

Regarding the rhetorical question of “Why pick on motorcycles?” It’s the noise stupid. The main problem isn’t the driving habits of motorcyclists, it’s that everyone within a half-mile radius has to hear them, constantly. Almost every one of these bikes is as loud or louder than a big tractor-trailer truck. During the summer, on Rt. 56 and Rt. 3 especially, one can hardly get five minutes of peace without the next loud band of leather-clad 65-year-olds riding through, intruding on everyone’s eardrums. What is it with aging Baby Boomers who suddenly want to relive Easy Rider? You guys have seen our country and our culture decline all your lives, and you’ve helped that process along more than you’d ever admit, and now that you’re approaching the end the best idea you’ve got is to go joyriding together on bikes, acting little kids would, and plaguing everyone with your loud stupid motors. Thanks a lot.