Throw them out
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 1:51 pm

I just do not get it. Potsdam village residents continues to argue that they cannot afford their village government. Each time that it appears that they have a chance to expand their tax base or offer local people a job in their community, the village board gets hung up on “sprawl.” Why does the village board think that there is this growing concern that they “might” lose their village image when they cannot afford what they all ready have? Why not let local businessmen like Jim Sheehan develop a business? He seems to be the only one interested in investing into this community. This present board did not want Wal-Mart; has a problem with Lowe’s and their water tower; cannot help a local investor with his water and sewer problem on Market St.; and still has an empty powerhouse on the west side of the river. These are million dollar taxpayer mistakes all pointing back to the village leaders. Maybe it is time for the village voters to wake up, clean house and get a whole new bunch of leaders from top to bottom. The answer is not to dissolve the Potsdam Village government and leave it up to the town to straighten it out. It’s time to clean house and deal with the problems that only seem to keep building under this present village government and leadership.