Think before voting
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 6:20 am

I just paid my tax bill for school and land on 10 acres of land in the town of Potsdam and that one bill was $8,071.36. Now I am not a greedy, stingy or a self-centered person; but how much are the taxpayers expected to pay for. I personally hate to say no to anything that would benefit children, but you can’t always say yes either. If the tax rates continually go up as they have been the fortunate people that have land and homes won’t be able to afford them. I voted yes to the library tax and now wish I would not have. Maybe this should be a voluntary position because of the difference in the tax rates. I would much prefer to spend my money that I earn the way I want. For example: give to things/people /situations that I see fit and not have my money budgeted for me.