Think about others
Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 2:06 pm

Re: “Relax and Enjoy the Ride,” Sound Off, March 7-13, We all live in the North Country, and I imagine we all know how nice the scenery is this time of year. The other thing we should all know is, unfortunately many of us travel great distances, on congested roads to get to work each morning. You may think 45-50 mph is a fine pace, but when we travel 45-60 minutes one way each day, that could be adding an additional 20-40 minutes to your daily drive time. Add the frustration of getting through Canton and Potsdam during college session, and you may just be better off leaving your house 30 minutes earlier everyday. It amazes me while driving some people want to stare at the far off mountains, trees, and swerve all over the road holding up mile long lines of cars. Please think about everyone else before you decide to apply your own speed limits, or at the very least pull over.