Before there's no village left
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 11:41 am

Here we go again! The Village of Potsdam government is working again AGAINST growth opportunities. This time we have a successful businessman that has invested his resources on developing parts of the village, on countless occasions, being told "no" to a proposal to build the NYSUT building in the Village of Potsdam. We saw this with the Walmart proposal and they decided to build the store outside the village. Are we going to sit back as tax payers, and watch Mr. Sheehan take this project to Canton? It’s our zoning process, can’t we modify our own zoning laws? The location he is proposing is ideal for such a structure. We need to make sensible decisions as a village and not just site zoning laws with no consideration for change. They should be working with Mr. Sheehan on how to make this happen for not only the people directly involved, but for all of the Village of Potsdam taxpayers. These types of decisions are not what I expect as a taxpayer and it may be time to get some new leadership in these offices that can focus more on Potsdam’s future before there is no village to focus on!