Teachers should contribute
Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 10:45 am

To the person who wrote in on teacher’s benefits (“Teacher Benefits Needed,” Jan. 19-25), I agree with you. Teachers work far beyond a normal work day when in school. Yes, they need to have a tremendous amount of education in order to teach. However, to contribute to your medical insurance is not too much to ask. Many people have just as much education and contribute to their health plans. And please don’t say well they make more money. I myself have a bachelor’s from a very prestigious college and make less than teachers and yes contribute to my health care. If we are to keep school taxes to a reasonable amount we will need to look at teachers paying for some of their health care costs. Otherwise, other items in schools will have to be cut such as extracurricular activities, sports and less teachers at schools. No one is saying pay all your health care, just contribute like the rest of us do.