Teachers need to step up
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 9:17 am

So what will it take for teachers to step up and protect another child from being bullied and picked on? It is an awful thing that my niece calls home crying and wanting to leave school because she is being called names and being picked on. Not once, but regularly! She requests to be home schooled because she gets picked on and no one in a leadership position is doing a thing to help. She wants to attend school, enjoys sports; but wants to be home where it is a safe and friendly environment. When she has complained she gets further bullied and called a rat for doing so. This is shameful. She has been brought up in a better environment and she doesn’t believe bullying. I know this opinion will get some backlash from some teachers, but we know some of you will see it and know either you are a part of this problem or you can help to fix it. Our children are sent to school to learn and grow. Parents entrust their children to the school system, and who also pay taxes supporting the school system.