Teacher bashing not OK
Monday, December 24, 2012 - 9:22 am

I was saddened to see the teacher bashing on the NC Survey. As parents become less impactful on kids’ lives through broken homes, multiple jobs, and lack of parenting, it is the teachers whom the burden of raising children falls upon. In the past, class sizes could be larger because children were tracked by ability and parents took a hand in the discipline. As class sizes blossom with kids who don’t know how to behave and who act out for attention, it is the teachers who try to help them. Few get any support from home. Instead of bashing teachers for their salaries and benefits, try to be more supportive and assist them in raising the next generation. Be grateful there are teachers’ unions who ensure that teachers can do their jobs and pay attention to children while NYS tries to make all students spend their days doing tests.