Taxpayers have voices when casting ballots
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 2:58 pm

To the Editor:

After reading numerous letter to the editors concerning, tax rates, tax breaks to Affinity Potsdam Cottages, St Lawrence County tax increase, and the new controversial Town of Potsdam building, I feel discouraged. Are our elected officials keeping our best interest in mind? Sometimes. Are our elected officials following our voices when we vote on specific projects? Sometimes.

What can we do about the increasing tax burden that has affected most of the property owners in St Lawrence County? What can we do about the fact that St. Lawrence County has already started procedures to override the tax rate increase limits imposed on them in 2012? What can we do about a town council that initiates the construction of a new town hall after it was voted down by the taxpayers? What do we do about a town council that only tells us part of the stipulations on what can be done with the monies the town has received from Brookfield? What can we do to these entities that think by increasing our assessment they then can tell us that they did not raise the tax rate and deserve a pat on the back?


What kind of assessment increases are we going to get in the 2013 Town of Potsdam re-valuation? Are you prepared to grieve your assessment and stand up for a fair and equitable assessment? I hope so; it is the only way we as taxpayers can control what is our fair share.

I am a member of TOPTA (Town Of Potsdam Taxpayer Association) and we have tried to make a difference.

What do we need to do to assure that each and every property owner pays only their fair share? We need to band together to let our elected officials on the local and county level know we are here and we are holding them accountable. We need to compel our town supervisor to appoint unbiased members to the BAR (Board Assessment Review). Let our voices be heard.

Act now, join TOPTA today. Visit our web site at and our blog at for relevant information and updates. You can sit back and complain or you can make an effort to get your voice heard and assure you are paying your fair and equitable share only. You can only control your fair and equal tax assessment, which is the basis for your tax liability. We need you today to join our effort to achieve our mission “fair and equitable assessments” for all residents of Potsdam and St Lawrence County.

Mike Landoll, Potsdam