Taxi rates
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 9:43 am

In response to “North Star Taxi Rate Approved by Village” which ran in the April 25 - May 1 issue of North Country This Week: I don’t get this. Why does the village need to approve taxi rates? As far as I know the taxi companies receive no government funding to provide this service to the public, so why is it even a concern for the village? Is the village going to start approving rates for car washes or ice cream cones? They really should be looking at why doctors and hospitals charge so much. Unless the taxi companies are receiving tax dollars to provide the service, the village shouldn’t be dictating what they charge. What’s next? Is the village going to approve what can be charged for a haircut or to advertise in a local newspaper? Let supply and demand dictate a fair price. Please respond if you know why village officials are wasting their time on this issue.