Taxes not PILOTS
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 6:41 am

St. Lawrence County should say no to payment in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) for wind projects. It just say no it makes sense, or cents. St. Lawrence County government is broke. We can't afford an 80 percent tax break over 20 years totaling in the millions of dollars in the form of a PILOT for any wind developers, all while the county is borrowing money to keep the lights on and paying county employees. Jefferson County has decided to not grant pilots for wind projects because there was no net benefit to the taxpayers in giving up millions every year for very few permanent jobs. We need to let our elected and appointed officials know as taxpayers from all across St. Lawrence County, from Hammond to Parishville, that we are not going to set a precedent and pay Iberdrola's taxes for them. Vote no on wind project PILOTS!