Tax cap good idea
Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 12:11 pm

It is amazing that local politicians are actually bold enough to say that the Cuomo property tax cap is a bad idea. While Mr. Fenton misses the real point of tax reform, he should just listen to himself: Yes, these generous union benefits contracts will have to end because the taxpayers can’t afford them any longer! Under Cuomo’s New Deal Crisis state budget soon to be released, the state employee base is getting ready to face the reality with layoffs, major labor cuts in 2011-12, and frozen wages and increased benefits cost-sharing. The local school teachers and county employees need to read the handwriting on the wall: It’s over - we can’t afford GM style benefits that even GM can’t afford any longer. Even if it takes a few more years for the politicians to “get it” or get the boot. Sure it’s sad we can’t keep paying all your healthcare costs, or give you 75 percent retirement funds as if you were still working. But remember, no one is paying these benefits anywhere else in the North Country except in government employment. Now, deficits end the gravy train there too.