Talk about bullying
Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 7:31 am

Bullying is picking on someone with mean intentions. The person who is bullied usually cannot defend themselves verbally or physically. Years ago bullying used to be personal and now it is viral. It's such an epidemic that people actually kill themselves because they are bullied. Bullies have no consequences for their actions. No matter what religion, race, or size, or even disability. The persons being bullied become the primary target. Sometimes kids bully others because they don't like themselves or their afraid cause people are different. Some kids bully others so they can get attention from their peers/friends. Bullying seemingly gets swept under the rug in all schools. Parents need to talk to their children about respecting those who are different at a young age to prevent bullying in all schools. In my opinion, I feel that the consequences for bullying should be classes. I feel that the classes should be held after school and on weekend. I feel the classes would benefit the students who bully other people. No individual should ever have to suffer the tragedy of a death by bullying or by words.