Support for Boutique Air
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 7:29 am

There have been a few negative views expressed about the new air service in Massena. The air flights are great with a faster, quieter flight from Massena to Albany and back. I have been a customer on numerous occasions to both of these flights. I will agree that the counter service needed to be addressed when this airline first started operating in Massena and Albany. I am a frequent flier on this airline. When I experienced an issue, I called the airline at 1-855-268-8478. My calls have always been received and recognized. It is sad that North Country This Week would publish comments from a Town Board meeting from one person complaining about this air service. It is sad that the Town Board of Massena would not check into this complaint as they were the ones who recommended this airline change from Cape Air to Boutique Air. I feel that Boutique Air is a trusting air service to our North Country. Where can you replace a four-hour drive for a 45-minute…$39 flight…one way. Maybe it is time that our local news media does a little bit of research before writing a one person’s negative view concerning a new business in our area.