Supply and demand
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 10:42 am

In response to “Taxi Rates” in the May 2-8 North Country This Week: The writer complained that the village has no business regulating taxi rates in the village, and they shouldn’t be able to require the taxi driver to post their rates in the cab. That would be government overreach. I wonder if he or she would feel the same way if a taxi driver charged your mother $400 for a ride to a doctor’s appointment. “Supply and demand”: you want the ride, you get in the car, they take you there, they charge, you pay, right? The government shouldn’t do anything to meddle in private transactions, right? Let the buyer beware, let the company screw anybody they can. But I think he or she would be complaining, “They can’t do that, can they? Can’t the village do something to protect us?” Yes they can.