Supervisor comments
Friday, October 27, 2017 - 7:03 am

In response to “Resident Says Supervisor was Disrespectful” which ran in the Oct. 21-27 issue of North Country This Week: I am so proud and thankful to Michael Mayette for attending the Town Council meeting and having the courage to voice his issues and feelings with Massena Town Supervisor Joe Gray about Mr. Gray’s past comments. Was Gray judgmental or disrespectful? I found the comments disrespectful; no almost about it. It was not a joke. I did not laugh. Disrespectful definition is lack of respect or courtesy. Judgmental definition is to form an opinion or conclusion about someone. “As suggested in the urban dictionary, Judging someone is not bad, but the difference is in the way we do it.” A learning opportunity for all of us on how to be non-judgmental: Monitor your thoughts, look for the positive, avoid stereotyping, stop judging yourself, focus on your own life, and remember how it feels. When we know better, we can always do better and apologize for the disrespectful or judgmental past behavior. Thanks Mr. Mayette for reminding us.