Sunrise to sunset
Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 6:46 am

The Amish community locally often do not use slow moving vehicle sign. They use reflective tape in varying amounts and lanterns to illuminate them at night. They travel in fog, rain and snow making them difficult to see, any motorized vehicle even traveling below the speed limit closes very fast on a buggy traveling at 10 or less miles per hour. I have had a couple of close calls with buggies and my feeling is if they do not care if their families are killed or injured that is their choice. It should not be their choice to endanger me or my family by refusing to mark their buggies to make them more visible. If they want to use their religion as a reason to not make them more visible than the state should not allow them on the highway from sunset to sunrise, during fog or a snow storm. I had an elderly relative stopped after dark by a state trooper and warned that he was going to slow on a state highway (30 miles per hour) how is that more unsafe than a buggy going 10 mph with a lantern and a small amount of reflective tape?