Students from city not well informed of local housing, travel conditions
Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 10:44 am

In response to the SUNY Canton call for housing for their students, I decided to let out a spare room of mine. Living outside of Potsdam, I clearly articulated the distance to both Potsdam and Canton in my ad.  I have after two weeks, fielded over 30 calls from students calling from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester County and Long Island. Not a single one of these incoming students have ever visited the campus, and have no idea that Canton is a very small town, that lacks trains, buses and most forms of public transportation.  I even had one prospective housemate ask me if he could walk to Canton from my house. I had another ask me how far my house was to the nearest subway stop. It seems that if SUNY Canton is going to recruit all of these “city” kids to come to their college, they could guarantee them housing first, or do a better job of explaining the lack of infrastructure and public transportation in the area.  I feel horrible for these young men and women who seem to be heading into this experience completely blind and it doesn’t seem fair.