‘Stop, look, wave’
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 7:37 am

I recently visited SUNY Plattsburgh and at each street crosswalk the words “stop, look, wave” are painted in the crosswalk area. I thought about this and was so struck by this message I have to share it with our college residents. The “wave” part of the message implies you have eye contact with the driver and that all parties are aware of each other. I live in Canton and although St. Lawrence University has done a very thorough job at marking the crosswalks and slowing traffic down I still feel there is room for improvement. Some people using the crosswalks have blinders on. Bicyclers, skateboarders and walkers dart out assuming the driver will stop. But what if that driver is distracted. I hope St. Lawrence University considers painting this same message on each crosswalk and raises awareness more. Please “stop, look, wave!” Make sure that driver sees you, please.


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