Stop duplication
Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 1:57 pm

For the people in Canton that vote and pay taxes: You wonder why the state cutting back? The free ride is over, money has run out. The village board and town boards are dealing with limited money and they are looking for money. How do they refer to residents of Canton? Taxpayers and Exempt Properties! And the exempt properties don’t need representation! You are paying the tab, folks. Tell your boards to consolidate services. Why are they not doing it now? Because they don’t want to lose their jobs and control! You vote for these people in to make change... where is change in the agenda? You want a bar owner that ran unopposed for a job of mayor that nobody wanted to make change? Is he holding the chair or running the Canton village? Show your face in the village/town meetings to make your tax-paying opinion count! It’s time to put consolidation before the taxpaying people and take a vote. Demand change and results -- we don’t need two boards fighting over two pots of money. Let’s use our heads folks. Look at it as one pot of money. It’s your money, see how you would spend one pot, stop duplication of taxpayer services.