Stealing from cars in Potsdam a growing problem
Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 6:58 am

To the person who thought it was okay to break in my car and steal my purse...Shame on you. We live in a small community where you think your things should be safe inside your vehicle. But everyone be on the look out at or around Potsdam High School. I went to a girls varsity basketball game Dec. 4 and when I returned to my car about 20 minutes later, was shocked that my things had been taken...really, do you have any morals, you didn’t get much. Did you? I am glad that I don’t keep cash in my purse. It is wrong to steal. Not to mention it is almost Christmas. I did call the police, and they informed me that this has been happening a lot there. You are on surveillance, they will notify me as soon as they look at everything...oh and by the way, I will press charges, it is trespassing, not to mention stealing. So everyone in the Potsdam Area please be aware.