St. Lawrence county supers paid too much
Friday, June 4, 2010 - 3:45 pm

Well, the school cuts were forecast, and now they are here, pending a final vote. In one small St. Lawrence county school where I work, aides who assist teachers and students are almost all losing their jobs, every single field trip has been removed, all clubs and class groups are disbanded except for the seniors, and every single modified sports program has been cut. Numerous teacher positions are on the chopping block as well. Meanwhile, the superintendent and principal together make $223,000. The superintendent’s salary is roughly the same as schools with ten times the students, and that simply makes no sense to me in this time of “fiscal responsibility.” At the board meeting this week, in between all of the talk about cuts and layoffs, a brief 10-second mention was made by the superintendent about combining administration with other small districts. The topic was not open fordiscussion and the course of discussion was quickly changed. Parents and staff, something needs to be done about these individuals and their obnoxious salaries before the schools are simply closed up and forgotten. Sharing a superintendent position would save more than a lot of the small cuts put together. Save art, save field trips save the sports programs.


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