St. Lawrence County smoking ban pushes to far
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 12:17 pm

In regards to the county trying to ban smoking on country property, why is this big issue? As along as no one smokes within 25 feet of a door way or entranceway, and they are not abusing the privilege of smoking, on company time, then leave them alone. I am not a smoker either. Smokers have rights too. I think there might some trouble over this one? How can the county enforce this when people are smoking in their personal vehicles? Those are their vehicles, not the county’s vehicles. You can’t tell them not to smoke in their personal vehicles. When the county pays for insurance and gas and registration on my vehicle, then maybe we will talk about not smoking in that vehicle. Until that happens, sorry St. Lawrence County. Oh yeah, we will still live in a free country right?