St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Department should patrol unpoliced areas
Friday, November 2, 2012 - 2:49 pm

As a taxpayer I have mixed feelings about the county legislature voting to table the discussion of dissolving the Sheriff’s Road Patrol. I have no issue with the Sheriff patrolling areas in the county that have no police presence, I am thinking towns like Hammond, Degrasse, Russell, Edwards, Morristown, Hermon, etc. all of these towns do not have municipal police or a barracks for State Troopers.  Given the size of the county, and given the police presence in Potsdam for instance (village police, University Police, Clarkson Security, as well as the State Troopers, Border Patrol, (I am sure I am missing a few) and yet I still see St. Lawrence County Sheriff vehicles in town. If I were Sheriff Wells, I would keep my patrols out of Massena, Canton, Gouverneur, Norwood, Norfolk, Potsdam and Ogdensburg where there is already a large local presence. This would be a better use of resources and may increase the public safety of county residents who do not live in populated areas.