Lowering property taxes?
Friday, July 5, 2013 - 4:54 pm

The SLC Board of Legislators would have you believe they will be lowering property taxes 14 percent the first year after seeing a 1 percent raise in our sales tax. If you believe that, I’ve got this bridge I want to sell you. My experience with politicians has been that the more we give them, the more they’ll spend. It has always been common belief and practice for any department of an organization that you must always spend what you are allotted. Which comes from the belief that If you don’t, they won’t give you as much next year. Which is the truth in most cases so there is no motivation or reason to save or cost cut and in fact quite the reverse is true. To the contrary, departments will find all sorts of things they often don’t really need just to get it all spent so they can have justification to ask for the same, or even more, from next years budget. After all, it’s only our tax dollars. At what point do you think it will be when the taxpayer finally says, “ENOUGH!”