St. Lawrence County legislators should lead by example
Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 12:42 pm

After reading the front page article in the Watertwon Times dated Wednesday June 13, 2012, titled "Legislators angry with Senators." I am upset with these legislatures and senators who want a St. Lawrence County sales tax increase and are bickering about it. I am one of many New York State employees who have had to take a pay cut camouflaged as a deferral in pay. Every pay period I have to defer approximately 1.847 percent of my pay because the state is in dire straits. This amounts to approximately $100 a month. If the three unions who work for the State of New York are doing this, to avoid layoffs, then why aren't our legislators and senators doing the same? After all, they work for New York State also and are supposedly leading by example. Overrall, this may not amount to much, but it would show the employees of the State of New York that those who are calling the shots are willing to make the same sacrifice. They should be leading by example, without being "forced" to do so. This increase in revenue would surely assist in following the lead for no new taxes mentioned by Gov. Cuomo.