St. Lawrence County government to blame for high taxes, not Potsdam
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 1:57 pm

In regards to “Forced from home by Taxes” (Jan. 23-29), first I would like to express my condolences due to loss of your home to fire. It is a real tragedy. Now you are forced to sell your house but you neglected to say in your article what your asking price is and how it compares to the new assessed value. I bet your asking price is higher than the assessment. You point your finger at the Town of Potsdam as the culprit for your high taxes. Unless I missed something, I believe you’ll find if you look at your tax bill closely that the town tax is the lowest of the three or four taxes you pay. Our county government just raised your taxes by a whopping 15 percent. I just wanted to bring this information to your attention. If you didn’t like what the assessor did to your assessment, then become an assessor and find out how hard a job it really is.