Spread the crap around
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 6:55 am

The first week in August a dairy farmer hauled liquid manure from a pit on his farm on a rural road, non-stop 10-11 hours/day, 3-4 tankers running every 15-16 minutes for five and half days. With the intense noise of the jaybrakes from constant tractor trailer traffic, a major concern was their carelessness hauling manure which spilled from the top of tankers when turning, ran down the sides and on roads leaving a visible path of liquid waste. Is this farmer not regulated or responsible to limit the liquid in tankers or cleaning off the waste which is clearly visible even prior to transporting this off his farm? Vehicles/motorcycles driving on those roads were forced to drive through the wet waste. During that week after spreading manure in a field all day, it rained hard. The roads run uphill from the four corners and spillage from the tankers washed down the roads into the brook (which also borders the fields). Water in the brook turned brown, the smell of manure in the air was unbearable, and thick foam covered the top of the water for a couple of days. Wouldn’t this amount of spillage on roads be considered an environmental hazard? Owning lots of land in St. Lawrence County, why pound one area to the extreme when he could spread his crap around.