Sportsmanship not missing at Potsdam Central School
Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 2:42 pm

To the person who wrote regarding “Sportsmanship Missing,” North Country This Week (Jan. 9 - 10) referring to the PCS vs N-N basketball game, I would like to respond by saying that the PCS coaches were not showing poor judgment, nor were they trying to beat your team by 80 points. The coach mostly played our second string players, unlike last year when the previous PCS coach only played his first string players the entire game and beat N-NCS by 70-80 points. I am sorry that you have a young team, and have not won many games this year, but, our coaches were trying to be fair by putting in the second string team for 85 percent of the game, and not running up the scoreboard higher by playing the first string team the entire game. I cannot speak for the students that were there, but PCS parents were clapping for your team when they made a basket, and not putting them down, unlike I heard some N-NCS parents do to our players. I wish your team luck for the remainder of the season and hope that they are able to win some games.