Sportsmanship lacking in high school football
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 11:12 am

I just went to a varsity boys football game on a recent Friday night. This was the second meeting of these two teams back to back. I can tell you that the team that came to Potsdam did not know the words good sportsmanship. After one of home team players was body slammed after the tackle. Home team players had enough and went to their style of play. This game got out of hand the law should have been there from the start of the game not the end. There was no hand shaking after the game cause fear of fights to break out. Fans of the visiting team were cheering that home team player was laying hurt because of personal penalty. I hope the law is here for the whole next game because the team and fans have the same mind set. Go Potsdam boys varsity football team.