Spay and neuter
Friday, June 27, 2014 - 6:51 am

I have two feral adult female cats, each with a litter of kittens living in my barn, who are the ultimate result of one abandoned mother cat. In the last two years, I have re-homed eight kittens and grown cats and rescued/adopted one kitten that came from the original drop-off. There seems to be a subset of the population that thinks an old barn needs a few cats; but they fail to consider that I might not like my swallows being hunted to extinction or having to shell out 90 dollars each to have abandoned cats spayed. I’ve had to spend 70 dollars each to take them for rabies shots and evaluations after a rabid raccoon also took up residence in my barn. If you have a cat, get it neutered or spayed. If you can’t take care of it anymore, find a legitimate home for it.