Some things are worse than smell
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - 1:15 pm

From what I have read (“Overwhelming Small, June 23-29), you are opposed to farmers using manure to enrich their fields. Liquid manure does have a pretty potent smell. Would you rather they used fresh manure instead? Or are you against manure of any kind in any form? If this is so, would you rather they used chemical products on the land? Some things have less odor, I grant you that but can/do have a more harmful effect on the environment. If you really think about it, manure has never caused cancer or birth defects. Can the same be said for using something that would not offend your sense of smell? I would hope you’d support your local farmers instead of knocking them. Not many people have what it takes to be a farmer. I have been married to one for 25 years and no one can hold a candle to a farmer's work ethic. Support them as well as your growers at the local farmer's markets. Mother nature and the government make it hard enough.


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