Some have to work
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 7:41 am

In response to “Stay Home with Your Kids,” I want to applaud every mom that had to work. The writer doesn’t understand that sometimes there is no choice. With my working it has taught my child that it is important to provide for yourself and not to rely on the system or a man do so. There was teamwork inside the home to have things done so that we could have time to go camping, shopping or what ever. In day care she learned from an early age that there are different people and different ways to do things thus opening the mind up. She also found that she could make friends easily and not have to “hang with a group.” The writer of “stay home with your kids” needs to open their mind as most working moms don’t have the expensive home and are just trying to make a living and do the best that they can do.


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