Smoking restrictions good for community
Friday, March 8, 2013 - 3:36 pm

Is it just me? I’ve been reading the Sound Off articles defending smoking. Yes, smoking is legal, however it is very offensive to those of us who choose to not smoke. Ever walk into a public building and be forced to walk through a group of “puffers” because apparently before you smokers walk into a building you need to get as much nicotine in your blood stream as possible because the 10 minutes you spend in the building you may have withdrawals? Does it sound ridiculous? Well, it is. What makes me real nuts is parents who smoke around their kids and can’t understand why they end up sick with respiratory infections all the time (Duh). Adults who smoke around kids should be fined! Smokers, if you feel it necessary to die a slow death, that’s your choice, do it in the privacy of your home and don’t subject us healthy individuals to your disgusting habit.