Silly Sound Offs in February
Friday, February 15, 2013 - 12:10 pm

Is it something in the water or is February the silly season? In Wednesday’s Sound Off we have someone advising a person who lost a home though fire and tax reassessment to “become an assessor and find out how hard it really is.” Another sage urges schools to operate like businesses. Really? What are they selling? Then another wants the I-98ers and Yes 11 people to hold hands so we can do both with the “billions of dollars” the U.S. sends to foreign countries Someone else is offended by seeing flags at half-staff without government authorization. Wait--is that a dandelion I see before me? Or was it just an illusion, like seeing people who “choose not to work” getting food for their families from the Food Pantry. I know lots of well-to-do people do stuff like that. Wake me when it’s spring. I’m having a terrible dream.