Sick of paying
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 8:42 am

In response to “Take It Easy” which ran in the May 14-20 edition, I get a kick out of some people. I have two children that were born in our local hospital and I have been hospitalized there myself. Guess what, my insurance paid the bill. I was educated in our local schools as were my children. My parents paid their school taxes, as did I. I drive on our public roads and so do you. Guess what I pay for this every time I fill up at the gas pump? Before you say the state subsidizes all of this, they subsidize with money from taxpayers. In this back and forth conversation, it’s important to understand that taxpayers have been stretched to the limit. This is why they voted down funding the recreation proposition. If I sound rude, it’s because I am sick of paying. To ask taxpayers to fund this because it’s convenient to send their kids in order to work longer hours is beyond the pale. If they can’t afford childcare than do not have kids.