Shooting wildlife sometimes necessary evil
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 2:31 pm

We live in the North Country, that means something. We live farther north than most people in our state. We live here so we can have more woods, water, and land than most people in our state. I have been reading the news and I am disgusted. A man from Canton who shot a suspected rabid fox in the presence of a peace officer was arrested. He was only trying to keep kids safe. I would do the same thing, even if it meant being arrested. Next is the man who shot at a nuisance woodchuck on his property. Unfortunately he hit the Hospice building and did a minor amount of damage. I agree that if people had been in there it could have been much worse. When you shoot a gun you must always remember the two big rules: know your target and what is beyond. He apparently failed. What puzzles me is $7,500 cash bail. He made a bad choice, not a malicious act against another person. Bail money is intended to make sure the arrested person shows up to the court date.


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