Shooting pets OK when defending family?
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:55 pm

In regards to “After Shooting Owner Offers Reminders” North Country This Week July 11 - 17) I will admit I did not know the events of the dog Blue, however I know a few people who shot neighbor’s dogs and I have killed two before myself. The reason, in each case, was defense of our homes and pets. Dogs that run loose are not just running. They will chase and kill other people’s pets and livestock when running loose. A cat, chicken, or smaller dog is prey to those dogs. I have seen a close friend cry for hours when his neighbor’s lab killed his terrier and three of her puppies while they were on their own porch. My friend shot the lab the next time it came on the property to defend the only dog he had left. The ones I had killed had been after my cat or one of my chickens and I protected my pets. I can’t do anything if my chickens or cat is in the neighbors yard and I accept that, but they will be protected at home.