Seven round limit won't save lives
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 11:10 am

In response to “Weak Arguments Made for Not Controlling Guns,” (Feb. 27 – March 6) I’d like to comment on the author’s ridiculous comment that rounds from assault weapons can inflict massive damage to the human body. In his letter he mentions he’s a gun owner, but I’m not so sure after reading that sentence. Rounds from any gun can inflict massive damage to the human body. It’s a gun. Has this person ever held a gun in his life? I somehow doubt it. The people who are against civilians owning firearms they personally deem “unsafe” really seem to know nothing about them. What furthers the farce of this argument is that “assault weapons” is a term that anti-gun politicians made up. We New Yorkers have had a taste of “common sense” gun control before the rest of the country. The result has been seven round magazines instead of 10, and other limitations that only punish law-abiding gun owners, which don’t promote anyone’s safety.